01 Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum was a 75 minute live performance between myself and sound designer Anna Whitaker.

 Live programmed visuals
 Collaborative process

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Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Images by Cat Sorensen

February 2024
Metro Arts
Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia

02 Pussy Portal

Pussy Portal was an activation of the SEX FEST foyer area with an interactive projection installation.

“I welcome you to enter my Pussy Portal, a cyber-psychadelic explosion of orgasmic colour and motion. The projection installation is powered by live, experimental programming; a motion-sensing camera; and my personal collection of vintage pornography. The portal transports you to an alternate reality where all things pulsate in technicolour and pleasure reigns supreme. Pussy Portal is a kitschy and chaotic celebration of sexual fantasy and mess.”

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September 2022
Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia

03 Attraction/Repulsion

How can interactive art be used to engage audiences with the notion of sexual fluidity?

“Giant, iridescent blobs float through space, reacting to the participant’s gesture as they sit within the installation space. Amorphous until interacted with, the blobs are a metaphor for the ambiguous and ultimately unknowable nature of human sexuality, and our societal impulse to force this fluidity into categorical identity structures.”

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Process documentation
Graduate Honours Project, Queensland University of Technology
Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia

04 Freeform 2.0

Live visuals for Freeform 2.0, a lineup of femme and non-binary DJs. Visuals mixed live using Touchdesigner.

Source material:
I.K.U. (2000) by Shu Lea Cheang
Sex Ritual of the Occult (1970) by Robert Caramico
DILA 英会話東京 by san jose, California, uploaded by samurai king, 2007.
echo & bounce, Woolloongabba
Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia

I acknowledge the Yuggera and Turrbal people as Traditional Custodians of the lands on which I live and work, and extend my respect to all First Nations people across this country. Sovereignty was never ceded.